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What can a puppet teach us? What story can a puppet tell that leaves us inspired? You’ve got an opportunity to find out…

The Man Who Planted Trees is coming to Australia:

Melbourne Arts Centre: 20th and 21st November.

Sydney Opera House: 23rd November to 5th December.

The Man Who Planted Trees is a performance of beauty, telling a story of a humble old shepherd, Elzéard Bouffier, who, accompanied by his dog, wants to bring trees back to the desolate valley which is his home.

The Puppet State Theater Company brings this classic French story by Jean Giono to life.

The Man Who Planted Trees is a story of hope and inspiration…  Of how normal and rather plain people can do extra ordinary things in normal and rather plain ways. It is simply beautiful and something that greenFish personally recommends.

The story is played out using a delightful combination of puppets and actors. The Puppet State Theater Company has a great knack of keeping both children and adults captivated.

The Man Who Planted Trees is a favorite at the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival.

“An unforgettable story that shows us the difference one man (and his dog!) can make to the world.”


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The Mission Studies Network (Victoria) is organising a discussion on Michael Northcott’s book, A Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming

Tuesday 26th October

12.30 until 2

@ the rear of Miss Libertine’s pub, 34 Franklin Street, Melbourne.

More details: Convener is Dr Ross Langmead rlangmead@whitley.unimelb.edu.au. No need to RSVP.

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Bikes parked outside the University of Groningen, Netherlands

This year, the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is initiating a Ride to Worship Week.


To care for God’s creation, to express concern for those living in poverty, and because cycling has so many benefits in and of itself.

ARRCC has been inspired by “Ride to Work Day.”

Last year 95,000 Australians celebrated ‘Ride to Work’ at one of the 137 community breakfasts. This year the wheels will be turning around the country on Wednesday 13th October. See here for more details.

Ride to Work is all about health. Held on one day a year, the promoters hope that some participants will be inspired and encouraged to ride a bit more often, whether that be twice a year, once a month, or perhaps everyday.

The day is about encouraging healthy….

  • people – that’s you and I and Bob down the road,
  • lifestyles – because it can be good to get outdoors a bit more and away from the TV set,
  • society – because riding can be fun, especially if you ride with a friend,
  • economics – more riding means less driving, which means less household money spent on fuel for the car tank, and
  • environment – bottoms on bikes rather than car seats reduces emissions, noise pollution, and can even create a safer local environment for our kids playing outdoors

In that same spirit, ARRCC is promoting Ride to Worship Week. As a multi-faith environmental organisation, ARRCC realises that many Australians are inspired and motivated by their faith, and they see Ride to Worship as a catalist for bringing faith together with loving-action.

This first Ride to Worship week will be held from Saturday 9th to Friday 15th October. During that week, ARRCC is encouraging people to ride or walk to and from their place of worship (on whichever day they normally attend worship).

One person can do it on their own, or others at your place of worship may be interested as well.

For more information, leaflets, a poster, power point presentation as well as guidelines on how to participate see here.

To register, see here.

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An unlikely coalition of numerous Australian groups and organisations, including World Vision and the Uniting Church, is today calling for our political representatives to take action on climate change.

In this unique time in Australian politics, this statement, written to the Independent MPs and all political parties, is a striking example of what is on the hearts and minds citizens, and of religious, political, social and economic groups in Australia.

In a statement on the move today, Greenpeace CEO Linda Selvey points out:

Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is an economic, social, ethical, and public health issue.”

The statement calls for a price on carbon as a “critical tool” to reduce carbon pollution.

Eleine Poulos, the Uniting Church’s National Director explained the need for todays call:

The environment is not merely a resource for us to plunder. It is a sacred gift from God and if we don’t treat it as such, we risk the planet and our very own future.”

This statement has been endorsed by a huge variety of groups, including the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Oxfam Australia, the Climate Institute, GetUp and Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

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Manna in Melbourne

Manna Gum – see here – is an independent not-for-profit Christian organisation based in Melbourne.

They are running a week-long intensive to help Christians explore Christ’s call for new ways of living.

When: September 26th to October 2nd (registration closes September 10th).

Where: Footscray and Cudgee

For more details see here:  MannaFlyer-rego

Who is Manna Gum?

Manna Gum is committed to engaging with Christian churches, organisations, small groups and individuals who want to explore new ways of living as Christians in the world today. Manna Gum is about encouraging ways of life which  put care of others, ourselves and creation at the centre, as we pray and seek for the coming of God’s kingdom.

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And what does it have to do with being a Christian?

If you live in or around Melbourne put Saturday 20 November in your diary.

If an environmentalist (Jessica Morthope), an economist (Amar Breckenridge), a meteorologist (Mick Pope) and a co-founder of Melbourne organisation Manna Gum (Jon Cornford) were in a room with a light bulb…

It would be:

a) switched off,

b) energy efficient,

c) ignored, because the these guys will be talking about what biodiversity has to do with the Bible, not light bulbs.

This is an event organised by Ethos.

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