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An unlikely coalition of numerous Australian groups and organisations, including World Vision and the Uniting Church, is today calling for our political representatives to take action on climate change.

In this unique time in Australian politics, this statement, written to the Independent MPs and all political parties, is a striking example of what is on the hearts and minds citizens, and of religious, political, social and economic groups in Australia.

In a statement on the move today, Greenpeace CEO Linda Selvey points out:

Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is an economic, social, ethical, and public health issue.”

The statement calls for a price on carbon as a “critical tool” to reduce carbon pollution.

Eleine Poulos, the Uniting Church’s National Director explained the need for todays call:

The environment is not merely a resource for us to plunder. It is a sacred gift from God and if we don’t treat it as such, we risk the planet and our very own future.”

This statement has been endorsed by a huge variety of groups, including the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Oxfam Australia, the Climate Institute, GetUp and Greenpeace Australia Pacific.


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